A Break

I need a break…

…from everything Social Media related. You know how exhausting it is to dedicate a lot of time and energy to social media, yet why do I do this? Who do I do this for? Myself? My friends? The rest of the world? Certainly, they don’t care about me, so why do I?

I am supposedly a millennial yet I really don’t want to be. I loved the simple times, where I could enjoy time out with friends with no phones buzzing or rings every few minutes cutting into really important conversations. 

I need a break. But do I temporarily close my accounts, or simply remove any data related to social media from my phone, laptop and tablet? I have removed Instagram before, and it was somewhat freeing. I don’t have Facebook on my phone, yet I am not the only issue. I see that when I am out with my friends and family, no one knows how to hold a conversation, so I am left staring at the walls and admiring the decor. 

Social media has additionally ruined family time. How? My father is always online shopping. When he’s home, his phone is always up to his face. After, he leaves. Lovely. My mother, on the other hand, is entranced by these games that take over her time. My friend is the wall and the wall is my friend. Sad isn’t it? I speak to myself because I only have myself. 

Isn’t this solitude? Removing all social media accounts? Don’t do it? Is it though? Aren’t I already solitary? Thinking that numbers actually matter? 

How sad.