Going to Hogwarts…ish ✈

I’m not the craziest Harry Potter fan, but I’ve enjoyed the movies and am now turning to the books to immerse myself more in the world of wizards and magic. I had been hearing about the Warner Bros. Studios in Watford, London from several friends on Facebook so I was intrigued when I first looked it up. Although my second trip to London was only five days long including two days of travelling, I still tried to make time for this attraction.

I didn’t really expect it to be that much fun and I got immersed more in the world of Harry Potter. It started on a wrong note since I forgot the entrance tickets back at the hotel, so my cousin and I had to go back for them making us almost miss our entrance time.

After our train, we had to catch a bus to the studios, and it’s Harry Potter themed. You also get to watch guides and behind the scenes snippets on the bus which makes it even more exciting!


We arrived and made our way to the ticket booth. Since we had already purchased the tickets online, we went through smoothly and got the tickets in a few minutes. The chess pieces from ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ greet you as soon as you arrive on the outside and as soon as you walk in you find snippets of costumes, props and other behind the scenes knick knacks of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’.

As soon as you line up you get greeted by an excellent host who is immersed in the world much more than you are – I mean it’s her/his day job so what do you expect. She was funny, well-spoken and very friendly. She took us in into this cinema which is the first thing on your itinerary before starting the tour of the studios. No, it’s not the screening of all eight movies of Harry Potter but a snippet of what to expect from the actors themselves which are quite creative.

As soon as that’s done, you are introduced to the great hall which let me tell, I think it is magical as how Harry felt when the doors first opened for Harry.


As soon as you’re ready from the great hall, the guides leave you to roam around the studios at your own pace. The first studio was massive! Props, costumes and full-blown sets were still there; all intact.


There’s me, in a mirror with a glimpse of how the studios looked. I went on around the studios looking through the displays, taking photos and taking it all in. Here are some more pictures that sum up my walk around the studio:


The clock pendulum works, and it’s enormous. This photograph doesn’t do it justice.


Dumbledore’s office in all its glory…


…and Hagrid’s little treehouse.

You have some photo opportunities in the studios. I got to ride a broom all over London, so that was fun! I went to Hogwarts as well. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof.



You have to do it if you’re there. They offer printed photos and videos of your journey through London on a broomstick. I got a Harry Potter USB with all the pictures and video for an average amount of £40-£50. After that journey, I had to get a photo of the iconic nine and three-quarters platform.


A break was in sight after more sightseeing… and yes I got a photo with my butterbeer moustache.

Date… anyone?

Special effects were up next, and this was my favourite part! It’s amazing how many things were done with moving prosthetics and makeup. I was amazed by the Griffin. It actually bows it’s head when you pass by, and of course, you have to bow back to not attack you. I swear it looked so real!!!


More photos from that side of the studio:



Up Diagon Alley, into white rooms filled with maps, drawings and models of everything you could possibly think of. Then… the moment of truth.


A beautiful model of Hogwarts with every single detail you can think of stands in front of you. You can walk down and around the model with changing lights so that the ambient goes from morning to night. I was looking forward to this room, and it didn’t disappoint. A must see for sure!

I knew it was going to come to an end at some point and I think this was the fourth or fifth hour in the studios.


I truly enjoyed this experience, and I would recommend to anyone visiting London to go there. It is affordable because the visit is worthwhile. I enjoyed it so much I would go again with my friends and family!

I hope this helps with your planning for London! Have you been to these studios? Or the ones in America? The latter is on my bucket list, of course!

Stay happy, stay you!

Your virtual friend,



All photos are taken by yours truly.