I’m Scared…

Have you ever been scared of doing something that is considered out of your comfort zone? Have you ever wanted to do something so badly, that you’re scared to actually try it? Well, I thought this will make an excellent blog post… and now we’re here.

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1. Pursuing my Studies Abroad

I always had that wild heart and travelling just gives me that feeling that no one has ever given me before. It feels so free and liberating. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my life where I am, and I do like my family to a point where I’m scared to leave. See I’m an only child and to leave the nest, it’s hard. I had lived abroad for a couple of months when I was twenty, so I already have the experience of studying abroad, however, what I’m looking at now is more than five months…

I’m looking at two to four years which is a lot. I will surely visit my parents as I am not the kind of person to up and leave. They have done a lot for me, and I don’t want to betray them like this. I’m also scared of something happening to them while I’m away and I won’t have the opportunity to say what I need to say. It’s pretty dark, and I do get emotional when I speak about it. I did discuss this with my therapist, and she had a few things to say.

UPDATE: When I wrote the initial idea for this post I was considering applying for two courses, and I did do it. I think that not telling my family, for now, is the best thing to do. I am going through the whole process of application, and if I’m accepted, I will speak one to one with my parents and see where that leads us. Best of luck to me I guess.

2. Solo Travelling

This goes well with the first point I have in this blog post. I have travelled solo before but a friend of mine joined me after a few days so I wasn’t really alone for a long period of time. I have this scary feeling that something wrong will happen. Overall I’M SCARED and I tend to overthink. Even my parents are in a phase were they are protective and paranoid which I’d understand because it’s a cruel world we live in and I can understand that nowadays there is quite a lot of evil in the world to be alone in an unfamiliar place. I haven’t really gone alone somewhere but I really wish to do it this year. Maybe two thousand eighteen will be the year I solo travel and study abroad.

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3. Vlogging

This has been on my mind for a really long time and I haven’t gotten myself to pick my camera and jusrt start vlogging. The thing is that I don’t feel comfortable putting myself out there when I know there are a lot of people judging my lifestyle, my every move, whatever I say… do I really want to put myself under that stress or pressure? But I love to be creative as well and create my own skecthes and rants! Something to think about I guess.

This website was even a step out of my comfort zone and I haven’t shared with everyone either because I’m too scared of how people will react to it.

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Are you scared of doing something out of your comfort zone? What is it?

Stay happy, stay you!

Your virtual friend,


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