January Favourites 💖

I know it’s already the 9th of February, and technically you should post favourites in the allocated month but I was busy and uninspired so… I’m nine days late.


Let’s start with books. I have made this yearly resolution to read a book at least once a month. I started in January with the first book in the Harry Potter series, but I received ‘Adultolescene’ by Gabbie Hanna. It’s merely a poetry book with very relatable poems and advice. I do respect her for illustrating it herself and taking the time to write it. I think it wouldn’t have been an easy task, but the book really helped me through some difficult times – as cliche as it may sound. I have linked her Instagram account because I admire her and creativity. Give her a follow!


Regarding music, I posted another blog post with a list of my favourites last month. The one that still resonates with me in February is ‘Then’ by Anne Marie. You can read an extensive list just by checking out my other blog post Music (Monday) Blues!

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This month has also been a sweet one. I had a few outings where they ended in sin, the sweet kind. This was at Molly’s Cafe, Mosta Malta. I loved it as I am quite a sweet tooth but they do have other menu items which are really good.

Also, the artsy kind with some tea and pineapple muffins which were divine courtesy of my friend.


This outing was pretty successful as I really wanted to draw and just relax. Having several deadlines on the way, I really wanted to take some time with my friend and creatively write a few quotes with calligraphy pens as well as continued to work on my travel journal.


This continued with more creativity at work with some flashcards I did for Physics which are quite cute, to be honest, and I would remember them for sure.

January was also the start of new projects and things I wish to learn and I did do a few things. I passed all my December exams with flying colours apart from that D+ which ruined everything. I’m still waiting on two results of my assignments so let’s hope for the best. I also received more results from my Masters, and I couldn’t be happier although I would like to push myself for higher marks. I am challenging myself a lot when it comes to new opportunities and new studies, and I might have applied to other courses abroad so let’s hope for the best. 

I am LOVING ‘The Flash’. I think from a writer’s point of view I’m loving the storyline and how the characters and stories are coming together. I don’t know what to expect every episode, and I’m hooked! I might have a crush on the actor as well but who doesn’t love Grant Gustin.

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To continue with the theme, my favourite app last January was TvTime. It keeps me on track with the series I follow which are a lot. You can update each and every season and follow new and old series. It’s like an organised drawer for an organisational freak.

February Goals:

  • Self-care!
  • Photography Opportunities [plan photoshoots]
  • Write more!
  • Continue my travel journal.
  • Manage time better and less procrastinating.
  • Finish the first book in the Harry Potter series.
  • Just live!
  • Vlog?

What are your goals this month?

Stay happy, stay you.

Your virtual friend,



PS. All GIFs are from giphy.com and photographs are taken by OnePlus 5.