Essential Reading

Two weeks ago, I went to a workshop that was an introduction to essential oils and my surprise an angel card and flower card reading. Firstly, I was pretty surprised by the beneficial side effects of essential oils especially since I suffer from anxiety, stress and not a lot of motivation. I have done some damage and purchased a few oils, and they haven’t arrived yet – I’m quite excited. Did you know they also have health benefits when it comes to body and mind? Did you know that peppermint oil can heal headaches? Better than gulping down with water two headache pills, right?

After the workshop, we were sat down and asked to take two cards out of two sets of cards known as flower and angel cards. At this point, I didn’t realise that we had a reading and it was a first. To my surprise, I turned them around, and I was pretty happy with what came out. Let me talk you through what I got.


The flower cards came out as BE POSITIVE and SMILE. Both are something which I try and regularly do in my life. Compared to what I had in two thousand seventeen, I feel as though I lost positivity in general and seemed to always resort to the negativity in everything. It’s February, and I think I’m getting back to feeling better about myself and the people and experiences around me. I’m trying to stay motivated. There are some days where I don’t really want to be positive, and I’ve learned that it’s okay. Also, smiling comes with being positive.

The angel cards read NEW LOVE and FRIENDSHIP. I think regarding friendship, I need to work on consolidating, rekindling as well as obtain new friendships. As far as I am at the moment, I have friends that I truly cherish, and I am very grateful to have them there. I need to continue working on establishing new friendships as well as maybe rekindle? I don’t know.

The one I left for last is the one I was very upset about at first but got around the meaning of it. NEW LOVE can mean so many things, yet my first thought was… oh no another relationship. It’s not that I don’t want someone in my life to love but at the moment I just came out of one and being in a relationship is out of the question at the moment. I need to start caring about myself again, and that’s one of the reading I got from this particular card. I need to start loving myself, work on my passions and flourish skills that have been dormant. Also, I went for an interview for a job I really like to have. Haven’t heard nothing yet but fingers crossed.

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This experience was enriching, and I will be trying a few essential oils of my own.

Stay happy, stay you.

Your virtual friend,