I just thought of a blog post… but I forgot what it was.

I just can’t remember what it was so I’m writing another blog post for no reason whatsoever because I initially thought of another idea.

Does this happen to you? My short-term memory is purely non-existant. What was I talking about?

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I was writing another blog post, and this idea came up. “Hmm, that would make an excellent post.” One minute later, I forgot!

I get frustrated because sometimes I forget important things that are actually essential to remember. Have I locked my car? Have I closed the house door? These questions come when I’m either very far away from the house, and I can’t afford to turn around because I will arrive late to work or when I’m in bed with my fluffy PJ’s on. Do you even think I bother at this point?

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Same reaction.

Or else, I speak to someone, and they give me millions of suggestions that sound pretty cool and awesome if I were to develop them. I do a lot of freelance jobs, so I get a lot of calls to which a lot contain crucial information. What do I remember? Minimal information that I would need to call again or ask via email to send me the detailed description. When I get to my diary to write them down, I think I must spend twenty or so minutes just staring, trying to remember what they said. My RAM is broken.


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Stay positive… wait that is not right. I forgot this as well.

Stay happy, stay you.

Your virtual friend,