Why I ❤ Vincent van Gogh

During my years studying History of Art, I learned quite a lot about various artists and a lot of different art forms and movements. When someone asks me who’s your favourite artist, I would always answer by saying, Vincent van Gogh. But why?

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I remember during my first year of studies. One of our electives was an introduction to modern art, and it started to introduce us to the impressionists. I had already fallen in love with this movement before my studies at University, and I loved how vibrant and somewhat realistic these paintings were. Manet, being the pioneer of the action, set out a vast movement that was to influence a lot of artists and create this newly found technique.

Van Gogh came not long after the Impressionists had left a mark in France. I had been looking at his artworks for months, and he was one of the assigned artists to study. This post is quite biased because I am technically in love with his thinking and his artworks. When someone speaks about Van Gogh, I tend to go on and on about my passion for his art and the reasoning behind it.

When I was studying, I came across this psychoanalysis that was published by an unknown author about Van Gogh and what he used to think to produce such art. What resonated was the elaborate study of his colour and artworks. The colours he used were a sign of his madness, and the artworks symbolised aspects of his life as the author puts in his study. For example, from the ‘Sunflower’ series, one of Van Gogh’s paintings holds fifteen sunflowers – one of which is dead. According to many authors, this might have been a reference to Vincent’s still-born brother. The rest of the sunflowers were his other siblings.

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Another thing to note is his brushwork on the actual painting. I visited the National Gallery, and I had the opportunity to go up close to one of his sunflower paintings. He does use the impasto technique which personally I think it adds more to the feeling and texture of the objects represented, but he artwork flow from one thing to another.

I won’t go on because this is a topic I have at heart and I will go on and on. I really wish to visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and it is undoubtedly on my bucket list for this year or early on in 2019. Also, did you see the film ‘Loving Vincent’; have you seen it?

If you’re a fan of his work, I recommend this psychoanalysis, however, to get to know him on a personal level, read his letters to his brother Theo. There you’ll get to know Vincent and also become aware of how much artists like him struggled during that time.

Do you have an artist you truly admire his/her work?

Stay positive, stay you.

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