Living the 5🌟 dream!

Well, I had never gone to stay in a five-star hotel. I mean I don’t have the most well-paid job, but I still wanted to treat my self. The day came when a friend wanted to spend his birthday at the Hilton hotel in St. Julians. Another friend of ours was quite experienced because her family are frequent visitors to the said hotel.

We were all excited, but I was sure the most excited out of the three. I never went to stay in a five-star hotel. I have been to several places abroad that only amount to three or four stars.

A few weeks before the weekend break, one of my two friends had an accident that inhibited him from moving around. Therefore instead of making use of the spa/pool, it was a weekend of movies, food, gossiping and utter and complete laziness.

We had a beautiful bedroom with a queen size bed and a sofa bed. Don’t even get me started on the bathroom which for me was a highlight. I was stunned by the pillow menu that was sitting on one of the bedside tables… I never heard of it. Let’s just say for someone who is an avid pillow lover, they would find this more intriguing.

I arrived pretty late (around 7pm). I settled my suitcase, and put everything in the wardrobe, went to buy some ice-cream and snacks and went back to the room. We ordered our first meal from The Avenue which included beef stroganoff rice and a rucola/parma pizza which was amazing! You can imagine how excited I was about food after a long day at work and four hours of lectures.

Total: €20 (approx p/p)


The next morning (Saturday) – the day I ate a lot of food.

Hilton is known for their excellent food, so we decided to have a buffet breakfast. We woke up, got dressed and off we went downstairs to the Oceana Restaurant. First, we had eggs, bacon and everything else. They offer the typical English breakfast and omelettes that are done at the same time amongst many other food items. Drinks are also endless; from juices to hot drinks to water.

Since I am a sweet tooth, of course, I had to have my sugar serving of the day – (yeah right). I had doughnuts, a muffin, a pea cake (which is a traditional food type of our Maltese cuisine) and to feel healthy of course I had to have pieces of pineapple and oranges (because I had been sick recently and I needed my Vitamin C).

Total: €22 p/p

Back to the room, we went after breakfast. The view from our room was of the Casino in St Julians.

The rest of the morning was spent in bed, watching ‘Don’t Breathe’, a movie that literally makes you not breathe since it’s so intense. I would recommend if you’re not easily afraid of jump scares. The story is about a trio that goes into houses and steals valuables so that they can make a living out of it. Then they decide to go into a house of a blind veteran – emphasis on the word veteran – and they think that since he’s blind, he won’t notice three people trying to steal his fortune. I’m not going to ruin the ending for you, but it gets kinda messy.

During our decision process, an attendant came into the room and took care of many things we had thrown away, cleaned our bathroom and made one of our beds. The manager that came in with her was really sweet. Unfortunately, I’m not very good with names.

Next up was a “snack” from New York Best. The breakfast really filled us up, and we weren’t that hungry. We decided to just get small servings from this NYB, so I got the chicken nuggets and cheesy fries. Of course, some wine to go with it. Funny thing, I spent an hour trying to get the bottle open because of the suction on it… I really wanted my wine okay.

Total: €10 (according to what you choose from the menu)

Another few hours in bed, watching Bad Moms this time. I sent a few work emails – since I work freelance jobs, I can’t really escape emails – eventually, I ended up watching the movie. Bad moms is a hilarious movie, just saying. When it finished we started preparing for dinner, but first a nice hot bath in the glorious, beautiful bathroom.

Untitled collage

An hour and a half later, we were ready! Off to stuff our faces with more food which is what this weekend was all about, right? Again, we went to Oceana Restaurant. I had tried the food their once for lunch and let me tell you I am still impressed. Chefs are present at the food tables making fresh food right in front of you and giving you the best experience yet.

The picture above shows just a snippet of what I ate as a starter. The rest I didn’t photograph because the food was so appetising I downed it the second I was at the table, and when you’re with friends, you don’t really wish to take out your phone and snap every single thing. It’s awkward. After that, I sneaked away to ask the manager to get us a piece of cake for the birthday boy. We were all stuffed at that point and really didn’t want to eat more food… but cake… never really goes to waste! Before going back to the room, we roamed around the hotel and went to the pool area.

Total: €35 (approx. p/p)

Found a mirror, took some selfies. Went into the lift filled with mirrors, took more selfies there. We went up to the foyer and took some photos in front of the Christmas tree – it was beautifully decorated!

In our pyjamas, we went into our beds and spent hours talking until the birthday boy slept. My friend and I continued to talk more and more until 1.30am – mostly discussing how stressful it was to pass our bachelor degrees and work issues we have encountered so far. We laughed and gossiped. After all that food, you can understand that I slept the whole night through – not even a bomb couldn’t wake me up from the bed.

Third and last day in our room – woke up, had some tea and coffee with biscuits and Nutella – kept it light you know. Didn’t really bother getting out of our pyjamas at first but we had to since we had to check out at noon. Sadly we had to leave this magical room. Packed our bags, packed up the snacks we didn’t finish and left for the reception. Returned our card key and went to my car to put our bags. The cool thing is that when you stay at the Hilton, they offer free parking in an adjacent car park so that’s surely a plus for me.

The total of the room was approximately €133 per person.

The last thing on the agenda was a perfectly good steak from Buffalo Bill, which did not disappoint. Their menu is fantastic, and technically you only pay for a good steak and sauce. They offer bruschetta/garlic bread and soup for starters, and the sides/vegetables are buffet style so you can have as much as you want as long as you don’t waste with no additional costs.

Total: €40 (approx. p/p – according to which meat you choose which varies in mass and type)

Overall review of this weekend is five stars – pun intended. The stay at the Hilton was just perfect – the staff were friendly and did their best to accommodate us, the room was terrific, and the service and food were exceptional.

For me personally, it was a weekend where I was partially away from the daily stressors. I did feel calm, stress-free and not anxious at all. Sometimes, you just need time away with amazing friends. I will try and do this again shortly (maybe for my 25th birthday?) – who doesn’t love a perfect getaway.

Stay positive, stay you.

Your virtual friend,



PS. All photos were taken with a OnePlus 5