New Years’ Resolutions

Christmas is almost here and two-thousand-eighteen closer than eleven months ago. You see the R-word in the title… that word that haunts us as soon as December rolls around (along with my rolls after weeks of Christmas dinners)? The shame on everyone who thought that two-thousand-seventeen was their year – myself included.

Throw away that notebook listing all those resolutions for two thousand seventeen. Hate to break it to you, but we have to start all over again for this new year. Oh no!

Well, I’ve been thinking…

Imagine if I could really plan out my year; see if I can be proactive and actually manage most of my resolutions. This portal is a way to share them with you, maybe we get an overview of how badly I am going to fail at this.


1. Read a book each month!

Is it achievable? Does it really work? Do audiobooks qualify? I am mainly making my own rules here. I did do this at the beginning of two thousand seventeen, but I didn’t manage to read a book each month. I managed to read but not each month. It also depends on how long the book is and how much the book can keep my attention. I really started the year on a wrong note because the book I started with had spelling mistakes and the English were sometimes confusing and not that great.

Reason: I need to spend less time on social media and more time learning new things and enhancing my vocabulary both in my native language and of course in English.


2. Travel more.

Two thousand seventeen wasn’t that bad when it came to travelling. I added January shopping in London, the beautiful city of Taormina, Kingslanding, in other words, Dubrovnik and surrounding cities and last but not least Krakow including Auschwitz (which was a very profound experience).

I haven’t planned anything for next year. To be honest, I need to first see to other expenses like my MA Degree which I’m currently doing.

Reason: I want to learn more, go to different places and just leave for a few days with no worries whatsoever.

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3. Pursue my passions!

I am the jack of all trades at this point in my life, and I have three passions of mine I would love to achieve in two-thousand eighteen. I wish to write a book and be able to publish it by the end of the year. I have this story in my head, and I haven’t had the time to sit down and write it, but I feel like this is the year (we re-group this year).

This year I was given the opportunity to produce a part of a script I wrote. I was delighted with the result and why not try it again next year!

I am also into photography as you might have noticed. If not, please check out my photo series on this beautiful website. I want to start exploring other ideas and get into photo shoots. I have been making this list and looking for inspiration here and there, and now I have a long list of things I want to do.

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4. [continue] Working on my Time/Stress Management

I have been very good with time management lately because I had a lot to do in October and November including December. That is why this website was not that active the past couple of weeks. I haven’t wasted time so far. However, I still leave things at the last minute… I have a deadline next Monday, yet I’m watching Youtube videos and writing this blog post.

Stress has also been a significant factor this year and I really really want to know how to manage it, and I haven’t figured it out what works for me yet. Probably it has to do something with my time management, so if I get the former on point, the latter will subside.

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5. Graduate!

I am doing an MA at the moment if you haven’t realised. The ultimate goal would be not to fail the thesis and get the high grades possible but it might not be possible sometimes. In any case, I wish to graduate and get to wear the toga once again!

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6. Self-Care!

I am not the best person for keeping up with appointments. I have a list of doctors I need to visit, and I really need to call. I also need to EXERCISE more *cough* *cough*.
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I think those are my primary goals for the upcoming year. Let me know what you wish to achieve next year in the comments below. How would you go about and achieving your goals?

Stay happy, stay you!

Your virtual friend,